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- MBA: Congestion Pricing (click to respond)

The fifth fil in the MBA-series featuring Congetsion Pricing. “Here you’ll learn why putting a price on scarce road space makes economic sense and how it benefits many different modes of surface transportation. In London, which successfully implemented congestion pricing in 2003, drivers now get to their jobs faster, transit users have improved service, cyclists [...]

- MBA: The Right Price for Parking (click to respond)

Another episode of “Moving Beyond the Automobile” by Elizabeth Press: “You might be shocked at how much traffic consists of drivers who have already arrived at their destination but find themselves cruising the streets, searching for an open parking spot. In some city neighborhoods, cruising makes up as much as 40 percent of all traffic. [...]

- MBA: Car Sharing (click to respond)

The third episode of “Moving Beyond the Automobile” by Robin Urban Smith: In the third episode of Moving Beyond the Automobile, we take a look at a more efficient way to use a car. Car sharing allows users to evaluate the full cost of each car trip, which encourages them to decide what the most [...]

- MBA: Bicycling (click to respond)

The second episode of “Moving Beyond the Automobile” by Elisabeth Press: For the second chapter in our Moving Beyond the Automobile series we’ll take a look at bicycling. More and more people are choosing to cycle for at least part of their commute in cities across the world. Leading the way in the United States, [...]

- MBA: Transit-Oriented Development (click to respond)

The first episode of “Moving Beyond the Automobile” by Clarence Eckerson jr: “For the first chapter in our Moving Beyond the Automobile series we’ll take a look at Transit-Oriented Development, more commonly known by its “TOD” acronym in transportation industry circles. TOD is a high-density, mixed-use residential area with access to ample amounts of transportation. [...]

- Stewart Brand proclaims 4 environmental ‘heresies’ (click to respond)

Stewart Brand helped usher in the environmental movement in the 1960s and ’70s has been rethinking his positions on cities, nuclear power, genetic modification and geo-engineering. This talk at the US State Department is a foretaste of his major new book, sure to provoke widespread debate. (source: TED- Ideas worth spreading)

- London’s Do-It-Yourself Approach to Safer Streets (click to respond)

Another great film by StreetFilms and Elizabeth Press about: the non-profit Sustrans is pioneering a community-based method to reclaim streets from high-speed traffic and make neighborhoods safer and more sociable places. (source:

- Cities on Speed – Bogotá Change (Part 1/6) (click to respond)

This is the first part of the film by the Dane Andreas Dalsgaard about the story of Bogotá: how the “crazy” politician Enrique Peñalosa (among others) totally changed the city from decay and despair to great hope! Please go to YouTube and see the remaining 5 parts.

- Trailer: Moving Beyond the Automobile (click to respond)

Please follow StreetFilms in introducing the 10-part film entiteled “Moving Beyond the Automobile” beeing presented during the winter 2011, stating that: “Today is an exciting day here at Streetfilms as we are officially announcing the debut of our 10-part series “Moving Beyond the Automobile” (MBA). Each Tuesday over the next ten weeks, tune in to [...]

- Future of Connected and Sustainable Cities (click to respond)

A short film by Arupfii looking at the challenges and opportunities facing cities.

- Vitoria-Gasteiz European Green Capital Award Winner 2012 (click to respond)

Vitoria-Gasteiz has been declared winner of the European Green Capital Award 2012. TODAY:  Sutainable Mobility Plan. New bus network. Two tram lines, 97 kilometres of bicycle lanes, 30 km of pedestrian streets, 5,500 P&R (Park and Ride) lots. TOMORROW:  60 new kilometres of bicycle lanes. 71% of public space adapted for pedestrian and bicycle use. [...]

- Recapturing the Time Square-story, New York (click to respond)

On February 26, 2009, Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced that traffic lanes along Broadway from 42nd Street to 47th Street would be de-mapped starting Memorial Day 2009 and transformed into pedestrian plazas until at least the end of the year as a trial. The same was done from 33rd to 35th Street. The goal is to [...]

- Cycling Copenhagen, Through North American Eyes (click to respond)

A film by Clarence Eckerson and by cycling in Copenhagen, introducing it by stating: “While Streetfilms was in Copenhagen for the Velo-City 2010 conference, of course we wanted to showcase its biking greatness.  But we were also looking to take a different perspective then all the myriad other videos out there.  Since there were [...]

- Cities in Focus – What happened to Istanbul (click to repond)

Film about the great changes in Istanbul by EmbarqNetwork

- Making Sustainable Transport a Reality – What is EMBARQ? (click to respond)

- Cities in Focus – What happened to New York City (click to respond)

Film about the great changes in New York by EmbarqNetwork “New York’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Department of Transportation are on a mission to make the Big Apple the “greatest, greenest big city in the world” by ramping up bicycle infrastructure across the city, introducing bus rapid transit to the Bronx, and pedestrianizing Times Square, [...]

- Bogota: Building a Sustainable City, film in three parts (click to respond)

The story of building a sustainable city by Autodesk

- How to use Transmilenio, the massive transport system in Bogotá? RCN news in English´s video (click to respond)

- Metro de Bogotá- Colombia (click to respond)

- Jaime Lerner sings of the city (click to respond)

The success story of Curiteba told by Jamie Lerner ( Jamie Lerner stands as something of a hero among his fellow Curitibanos. The chief architect of the Curitiba Master Plan, he was appointed mayor during Brazil’s military dictatorship in 1971. When the nation returned to democracy, he was elected to another term. During his 12 years [...]

- Curitibas BRT: Inspired Bus Rapid Transit Around the World (click to respond)

Curitiba has a planned transportation system, which includes lanes on major streets devoted to a bus rapid transit system. The buses are long, split into three sections (bi-articulated), and stop at designated elevated tubes, complete with disabled access. There is only one price no matter how far you travel and you pay at the bus [...]

- 20 Most Traffic Cities in The World (click to respond)

- Ellen Dunham-Jones: Retrofitting suburbia (click to respond)

Ellen Dunham-Jones teaches architecture at the Georgia Institute of Technology, is an award-winning architect and a board member of the Congress for the New Urbanism. She shows how design of where we live impacts some of the most pressing issues of our times — reducing our ecological footprint and energy consumption while improving our health [...]

- Principles of Urban Design: Making Better Places (click to respond)

The art of urban design includes for instance the implementation of better places for people. Here is a link to a lecture about such subject by “Urban Design London – online training cataloque”.  Click HERE to be linked!

- Is Shared Space the ultimate street design concept? (click to respond)

The street design concept “Shared Space” has many opponents especially among traffic security professionals. hope to initiate a debate about the traffic security aspect of Shared Space. Any views on the matter?

- Shared Space >> Safe Space

The street design concept “Shared Space” has many opponents, especially among people with restricted sight ability. Here is a link to a report from Rambøll exploring possibilities to provide this group with feasible opportunities within a “Shared Space” environment. Click HERE to download the report!

- SHARED SPACE – room for everyone (click to respond)

A introduction report from Click HERE to read the whole presentation!

- Introduction to Shared Space narrated by Ben Hamilton-Baillie (click to respond)

The story told in two parts!

- TEMPO-Conference 31.01-01.02.2011 in Oslo: Policy Change for Sustainable Transport (click to respond)

The goal of this conference is to shed light on how new policy instruments and modes of governance may contribute towards climate goals in transport. Link to Conference programme in PDF

- CONTESTED STREETS – documentary trailer (click to respond)

Another Copenhagen story from “you tube”:

- Happy new year to all plangate-readers! (click to respond)

Planget just want to wish all readers a great and prosperous 2011. We hope for a more political and professional understanding of sustainable urban transport in the forthcoming year and furthermore a willingness to create livable public urban environments. Plangate has been on the air a year now, a great experience but there has been [...]

- Copenhagen: car free streets and slow speed zones (click to respond)

The success story of inner city of Copenhagen (the most livable city on the planet) is well known but worth repeating, here refreshed in this great HD-film from Street Films by Clarence Eckerson jr. in October 2010, introducing it by stating: ” In Copenhagen, you never have to travel very far to see a beautiful [...]

- How Shared Space Challenges Conventional Thinking about Transportation Design (click to respond)

Shared streets — the idea that pedestrians, bikes and cars can all navigate together in the same space — is a fundamental rethinking of the underlying philosophy related to the design and operation of transportation facilities, write Norman W. Garrick and James G. Hanley in an article on PLAENTIZEN.COM. Norman W. Garrick is an associate professor [...]

- Revisiting Donald Appleyard’s Livable Streets (click to resond)

In pre- “Shared Space”-times (1980), when the car totally dominated the street in a segregated traffic system, Donald Appleyard, with the collaboration with Allen B Jacobs,  wrote the classic “Livable Streets” describing how car traffic restricted social interaction between people in neighborhoods in San Francisco. His son Bruce Appleyard here recaptures the story in this [...]

- Shared Space Conference in Oslo, 24th of November 2010 (click to respond)

Ben Hamilton-Baillie at Litteraturhuset, Oslo (photo: Einar Lillebye) The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (the Transport Planning Division) arranged a Shared Space conference in Oslo on the 24th of November 2010 at Litteraturhuset introducing for the first time in Norway the head of the word-wide Shared Space-movement today, Ben Hamilton-Baillie. More than 100 planners and professionals [...]

- Conference list updated (click to respond)

The presentation is wordwide conference on “Urban Planning and design” is linked from

- Plangate introduces Plangate Book Store (click to respond)

This Amazon branch is offering descriptions on books concerning “Urban Design and Land Use Planning” and a possiblity to purchase books directly through, for instance: The Death and Life of Great American Cities (Modern Library Series) By Jane Jacobs List Price: $21.95 Price: $14.62 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over [...]

- Shared Space pedestrian and traffic interaction, Bern, Switzerland (click to respond)

From Ben Hamilton-Baillie: KÖNIZSTRASSE BERN Shared Space in a street with 4-line traffic at 22 000 AADT! Both the pedestrian –  and car flow has improved after the removal of all the traffic signs and equipment! Watch the fire engine manoeuvre! A very simple and inexpensive project!

- Ben Hamilton-Baillie: integrated street schemes in practice (click to respond)

Here is a link from RUDI.NET where Ben Hamilton-Baillie descibes the Ashford Shared Space scheme and Shares Space in general.

- Transport Research Knowledge Centre (click to respnd) would like to focus your attention on the web-site – extremely usefull for info about transport!

- TransportXtra (click to respond) would like to focus your attention on the web-site

- WAN – word architectural news (.com) (click to respond)

WE ARE BACK AFTER A LONG SUMMER! would like to focus your attention on the web-site

- EPOMM – European Platform on Mobility Management (click to respond)

Promote sustainable transport with EPOMM “EPOMM is the European Platform on Mobility Management, a network of governments in European countries that are engaged in Mobility Management (MM). They are represented by the Ministries that are responsible for MM in their countries. EPOMM is organised as an international non profit organisation with seat in Brussels.” LINK [...]

- Bus Rapid Transit Planning Guide in English (click to respond)

BRT: Bus Rapid Transit forklares på Wikipedia slik: “Bus rapid transit (BRT) is a term applied to a variety of public transportation systems using buses to provide faster, more efficient service than an ordinary bus line. Often this is achieved by making improvements to existing infrastructure, vehicles and scheduling. The goal of these systems is [...]

- What European Framework for a Sustainable Urban Transport? (click to respond)

EU´s Green Paper for Urban Transport, 2007.

- Shared Space 2: Phil Jones (click to respond)

Foredrag av Phil Jones om “What is Shared Space”m.  Link er fra “Urban Design London”s webside! LINK til Phil Jones Accosiates!

- Shared Space: Ben Hamilton-Baille (click to respond)

Foredrag av Ben Hamilton-Baille om utforming av fotgjengerområder i by med utgangspunkt i “shared space”-strategien og revitaiseringen av byens offentlige rom.  Link hentet fra “Urban Design London”s webside! Kan desverre “hakkete” litt, men vær toldmodig! Anbefales! Ben Hamilton-Baillie (born 1955) is an architect, urban designer and movement specialist from Bristol. He is the director of [...]

- 2020 cities: A Norwegian facelift of historic proportions (click to respond)

Les intervju om Bjørvika med Bård Folke Fredriksen på bloggen 2020cities HER!

- NAF-konferansen 8.mars 2010 om miljøutfordringer transportsektoren (click to respond)

Foredragene fra konferansen: Hvordan skal vi klare å kutte utslippene fra transportsektoren fram mot 2020, uten at det går på bekostning av samfunnets transportbehov. Er dette i det hele tatt mulig? Tematikken ble redegjort for slik: Stortingets klimaforlik slår fast at Norge skal redusere utslippene av klimagasser med 30 prosent av utslippene i 1990, innen [...]

- Ny Time Square, New York (click to respond)

(kilde: On February 26, 2009, Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced that traffic lanes along Broadway from 42nd Street to 47th Street would be de-mapped starting Memorial Day 2009 and transformed into pedestrian plazas until at least the end of the year as a trial. The same was done from 33rd to 35th Street. The goal [...]

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