- Copenhagen: car free streets and slow speed zones (click to respond)

The success story of inner city of Copenhagen (the most livable city on the planet) is well known but worth repeating, here refreshed in this great HD-film from Street Films by Clarence Eckerson jr. in October 2010, introducing it by stating:

” In Copenhagen, you never have to travel very far to see a beautiful public space or car-free street packed with people soaking up the day. In fact, since the early 1960s, 18 parking lots in the downtown area have been converted into public spaces for playing, meeting, and generally just doing things that human beings enjoy doing. If you’re hungry, there are over 7,500 cafe seats in the city.”

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  1. Hi! Thanks for your respons! It is feedback like this that makes it worth while to continue! Alle the best, Einar

  2. Thank for responding! most appreciated! Einar

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