- Happy new year to all plangate-readers! (click to respond)

Planget just want to wish all readers a great and prosperous 2011. We hope for a more political and professional understanding of sustainable urban transport in the forthcoming year and furthermore a willingness to create livable public urban environments.

Plangate has been on the air a year now, a great experience but there has been little dialog except for some very welcoming notes! However, an editorial wish is to see more dialog on plangate in 2011. Blogs are terrific communication channels. How can we encourage people to present comments and views on an important issue for us city dwellers? Please give us a clue! All the very best for 2011 to you all out there!

NB: We have tried to give a comment on a third party mac, but we had to log in to do so! This is nonsense and the “log in” restriction has now been removed! We are very sorry for having made it so difficult for the word to comment on our posts. Please be free to participate in 2011 without any restrictions! Welcome!

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  1. Hannah Lillebye

    Thanks for a great year! Looking forward to more interesting and updated information on urban transport. H

  2. Thank you very much!! Best regards, Einar L

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