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Foredrag av Ben Hamilton-Baille om utforming av fotgjengerområder i by med utgangspunkt i “shared space”-strategien og revitaiseringen av byens offentlige rom.  Link hentet fra “Urban Design London”s webside! Kan desverre “hakkete” litt, men vær toldmodig! Anbefales!

Ben Hamilton-Baillie (born 1955) is an architect, urban designer and movement specialist from Bristol. He is the director of his own company, Hamilton-Baillie Associates Ltd., and in this role he provides consultancy advice on traffic and urban renewal. He has taught extensively in the UK and USA.He worked in London, Hamburg and Turkey before moving to Bristol where he spent 13 years in housing renewal and development. In 1995, he became regional manager for Sustrans, a sustainable transport charity in England. With Sustrans, he helped complete the first phase of the UK’s National Cycle Network, and to develop transport initiatives such as ‘Safe Routes to Schools’ and home zones.Baillie later researched and promoted new approaches to traffic management and street design. He was awarded a Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowship in 2000 which permitted him to visit and report on European and Scandinavian home zones. In 2001, he was a Harvard University Loeb Fellow. He serves on the expert team for the European Union project developing “Shared space” with projects in Belgium, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands.
(kilde: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ben_Hamilton-Baillie)

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