- Shared Space Conference in Oslo, 24th of November 2010 (click to respond)

Ben Hamilton-Baillie at Litteraturhuset, Oslo (photo: Einar Lillebye)

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (the Transport Planning Division) arranged a Shared Space conference in Oslo on the 24th of November 2010 at Litteraturhuset introducing for the first time in Norway the head of the word-wide Shared Space-movement today, Ben Hamilton-Baillie. More than 100 planners and professionals attended. The conference, chaired by Einar Lillebye and Ola Bettum, was devided into three sessions: presentations of papers,  a debate and a work shop discussing Universitetsgata in Oslo and Kong Oscars gate in Bergen. The following papers where presented here in pfd-format:

- Grethe Myrberg: Shared Space – experiences and challenges
- Michael Sørensen: Potensials and problems arising from integration – a critical view on the safety effect
- Inger Marie Lid: Accessible streets – disabling and enabling environments in cities: a pedestrian perspective
- Ben Hamilton-Baillie: Shared Space – Norway, New ideas for reconciling people place and traffic
Example 1: Drachten, Holland
Shared space traffic intersection in Drachten, The Netherlands. Traffic signals removed in 2002. The junction handles around 17,000 vehicles per day. One of many projects led by the late Hans Monderman.

Example 2: Seven Dials, London, UK
Shared space traffic intersection in London – a traffic intersection with seven streets and a fountain marking the center – a much used social arena.
SevenDials Geoff – video from Seven Dials, London.

- Heidrun Kolstad: Universitetsgata, Oslo – Shared Space

Universitesgaten, Oslo (photo: www.pbase.no)

- Ingvild Nesse: Kong Oscars gate, Bergen: The Street in the City

Kong Oscars gate, Bergen (photo: www.wikimedia.org)

Snow – Shared Space in Norwegian

by Geir Cock

Ben Hamilton-Baillie presenting Könitzstrasse, Bern at Litteraturhuset (photo: Geir Cock)

“Snow is perhaps the cheapest and best form of shared space “said Ben Hamilton-Baillie with a twinkle in his eye when he visited Litteraturhuset 24 November. Ben is perhaps one of those in Europe, which today has worked mostly with shared space as a principle, and could convey the experiences of their own projects in England and he had studied such in Sweden and Denmark. Shared space principle will be met by some with skepticism, because they do not think we’re ready for it. Ben’s answer is that the interaction we have had for thousands of years. Segregation is a new invention.

Humans have an amazing ability to adapt and learn. Everything is made in traffic planning in order to prevent various road users in conflict with each other may have removed the ability for good communication and interaction in urban environments.Nor TØI researcher, who had been its role as devil’s advocate, could deny the fact that shared space in virtually all examined cases had led to fewer injuries. The criticism from TØI acted more about the methods to measure and whether the numbers were accurate enough.

Several of the presentations dealt with the relationship to the universal and everyone’s right to use public space. Perhaps it was shared space solution, or perhaps even better without the cars. Ben warned to begin to prioritize the various road users. Shared space is about actually sharing the same room, and that is what creates the conditions that require mutual respect.

Participants at the seminar was to test their own attitudes in relation to a project in Kong Oscars gate of Bergen and the University street in Oslo. Maybe standing Hamar for the trip next time. Roads and transport plan for Hamar said shared space should be considered as a principle such as Østre Torg og Torggata. Now we have at least a better basis to consider.

(from http://hamarplan.blogspot.com/ by Geir Cock - ”Arealplan i Hamar kommunes blogg”)

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  1. Hi! Thanks for responding! Ben Hamilton-Baillie was invited by me to attend a seminar on Shared Space initiated by myself. It was a huge sucess! i will respond to George Osner! Best regard, Einar L

  2. Hoshiar Nooraddin

    Good work Einar..next time invite me too…Take care, Hoshiar

  3. Hi Hoshiar! I will send you an e-mail shortly, especially about the project with AHO and Dag. I will invite you next time – probably in May! Be prepared! All the best so far, Einar

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